At Wilkinson Waine we do not believe in compromise. We use the finest tailors from across the globe, each a master in their trade and able to create the gentleman’s clothing which is truly unique and incredible value for money. Here’s how we got there…

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The Wilkinson Waine Story;

Our story begins the months preceding a wedding. The bride had chosen her dress, had her fittings and left the groom and hero of our story, Peter Waine to make the wardrobe arrangements for the groomsmen and himself.


When young girls dreamed of the perfect wedding dress, Peter too had imagined the detailing of his dream suit. A unique masterpiece which would transform him from all round good guy to dashing man of steel! The day had come for Peter to purchase his wedding suit.


Peter visited tailor after tailor, trying to find the right suit for his big day. First off-the-peg choices, much like Goldilocks, a perfect fit alluded him.


Peter stumbled into the light, the upper echelon of Gentleman's fashion and found the promise land; he had found a man capable of crafting Peter's vision, a bespoke suit.




Whilst on their honeymoon the newlyweds struck up a conversation with a local merchant and soon discovered that Peter could enjoy the same experience and quality for a fraction of the price. The man was a Master Tailor having been trusted with over 5,000 suits with unparalleled customisation, quality and value


On returning to the UK, our hero discussed his experience with his colleagues, friends, family and anyone else who would listen; Peter saw an opportunity to do his fraternal duty and help guys look awesome in the minefield of mens style.


Peter had a vision to bring skilled craftsmanship of the world to the UK market at great prices. This is where Wilkinson Waine was born


Un deterred, Peter ventured deeper into the realms of sartorial elegance, now considering a made to measure option, again though the 'perfect' suit was not found... Finally, exhausted, slightly dazed and very confused, Peter stumbled into the light, the upper echelon of Gentleman's fashion and found the promise land; he had found a man capable of crafting Peter's vision, a bespoke suit.


Peter was enchanted, the way he could select his dream cloth, the lining, piping, pockets, lapels and even the colour thread used to stitch button holes.

Once the suit had been commissioned our hero emerged. Wearing his own ideas, knowing this was one-of-a-kind he took his first step forwards, he felt as if there were smoke emerging behind him and a superhero-like theme song was about to play. The way the cloth fit but gave him room to move, the shape it created, Peter moved with an air of extra confidence and stature. Until, the bill arrived! For the services our hero had commissioned, an eye watering fee was required.


Our young couple then embarked on the first argument of their married lives.... But at least they both agreed, Pete looked awesome!



 Wilkinson Waine was born.

Today, Wilkinson Waine have a range of suppliers of formal and business attire from the UK and worldwide. We maintain vigorous quality checks to ensure each piece receives the care and attention it deserves and we are proud of every piece commissioned.




We sincerely hope you will join us in the continuing


evolution of Wilkinson Waine and we can't wait to get you looking awesome!!

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